Friday, June 04, 2010


Today was such a beautiful day I took a train to where I used to live and walked up a hill I used to take my dogs almost daily. The hill overlooks Morecambe Bay, with fantastic views from Heysham in the South to Ingleborough to the North East to the Lake District to the West. I saw many butterflies I have never seen before, and heard many birds singing. I never realised how much I missed these things when I made a major decision a few years ago to abandon my slavery and concentrate my life on working for the freedom of the human race from the New World Order kiddie-fiddling warmongering creeps.

Upon returning to my current home I tuned into Alex Jones and heard Jim Tucker talk about Bilderberg 2010.

It has been confirmed by Tucker that
1. the place is a morgue, apart from a few small pockets of anti-Alex Jones hatred
2. a number of senior Bilderbergers are too scared to turn up, and earlier reports stated that those senior Bilderbergers who are brave enough to turn up have brought their own entourage, which suggests they don't trust the hotel service, i.e. they are terrified of being bugged.

It also appears that they have decided to press ahead with war on Iran, though this is not a unanimous decision.

So the war against the NWO is not yet over...but nearly there.

I eagerly await Bilderberg Osborne's budget later this month, so I can finally finish off the NWO and put them out of their stinking miserable treason against the human race without any violence whatsoever.

It is so simple and plain that we are being screwed, and have been for centuries. So why doesn't anyone prove to both us and them, "look, we're right, you're wrong, now get in that cell with Josef Fritzl for the rest of your stinking miserable life".

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