Sunday, June 06, 2010


Is this list true?

No Ken Clarke, I see, but still the usual from GBR; Kerr, Taylor, Wooldridge.

But John Oldham? Sir John Oldham? National Clinical Lead for Quality and Productivity in the NHS?

From the NHS website
John is a GP and also an expert member of the National Quality Board. He has led national programmes before in the UK and overseas, most notably the national primary care collaborative in the late 90s which led to major improvements in GP waiting times and cardiac care in primary care. John will lead work to shape and run national clinical work programmes and at first will concentrate on long term conditions, urgent care and integration of care between health and social care

And from another NHS page
John Oldham is a principal General Medical Practitioner and Managing Director for Quest4Quality Ltd. He is best known for his work as head of the National Primary Care Development Team which worked with practices across the country to improve access and raise standards of patient care. He is also internationally known for bringing about large scale improvements in primary care in England, Scotland, Australia and elsewhere. He has also done much cross boundary work with education and community improvement. Sir John was awarded a knighthood for his services to the NHS in 2003.

Would this man favour war on Iran?

And large scale implementation of the Liverpool Care Pathway?

And is he concerned about the collapse of the Euro?

If so, how did the Bilderberg Steering Committee learn of his enthusiasm for their agenda?

There's a few curious ones as usual, eg Heather M. Reisman, Chair and CEO, Indigo Books & Music Inc, but still a hardcore, despite rumours that some had stayed away. I count just over 120, which is not a bad turnout. I also count 12 from Spain, ie 10%

But even if this significant hardcore of Bilderberg traitors are on the run...GREAT!!

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