Thursday, June 17, 2010


Williams was on Alex Jones again tonight, and repeated what he said last week; that the Deepwater Horizon incident was an accident.

You do not drill that deep without a full assessment of the situation.

The incident is too convenient, just like 9/11 was the new Pearl Harbor.

Too many insiders cashed in before the incident, just like before 9/11 with those options on AA.

Too many warnings were ignored, just like before 9/11.

And now the incident is going to be used to tax, tax, tax, and impose more global government in some shape or form.

They didn't have to drill there, drill that deep, where if it all went wrong nobody could fix it easily.

They done a conspiracy.

TANd for that they will be done.

But don't forget the mega-trillion bailouts. They've sacrificed one small part of Bilderberg Inc. to save the rest of Bilderberg Inc. consisting of their banks; JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Banco Santander, Citi. Sure, BP will be persona non grata for a while, but we'll end up paying for their evil in some way, and BP will be back soon enough.

And why does Williams always try to scare people with this alleged 2012 timeline, and the only way to stop it is through an act of God? Give me a break, dude. They have no moral code. We've placed our trust in their many alleged Gods throughout the centuries, and look where it has got us!

There is no God or Gods.

It's us v them.

And we can and will do them.

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