Tuesday, June 08, 2010


We learned over the weekend that Bilderberg voted for war on Iran. We also learned that one Heather Reisman attended Bilderberg, and not for the first time. I always wondered who Reisman was, so here is what she does.

Reisman and her husband Gerry Schwartz own the majority of Indigo, with Reisman as CEO. Her uncle Simon Reisman helped create the USA-Canada Free Trade Agreement which forms the basis of the North American Union.

Schwartz owns ONEX and is one the richest men in Canada and a prominent member of the Canadian Jewish community.

And both are committed Zionists.

They established and fund an organisation called Heseg, which generally offers scholarships to "lone soldiers", who are non-Israeli born Jews with no family in Israel who join the IDF. If after their service in the IDF they wish to study in Israel and make it their home then Heseg gives them a scholarship and living expenses for their study. But Heseg also provides other services for the IDF. The Board of Directors of Heseg is staffed by the Israeli Military-Intelligence community, including
1. Maj. General Doron Almog, who avoided arrest in London in 2005 on suspicion of war crimes by not leaving the plane he flew to London on,
2. Shabtai Shavit, Head of Mossad 1989 to 1996,
and a list of former and current Generals and Brigadier Generals in the Israeli military. Civilian members of the board include
1. Irving Abella, former President of the Canadian Jewish Congress,
2. Aviv Bushinsky, former Chief of Staff for Benjamin Nutternyahu,
3. Ofra Strauss, a trustee and member of the Management Committee of the Jewish Agency which was established by the World Zionist Organization at the 16th Zionist Congress, in August 11, 1929, repeat 1929, as the "De Facto Government of the State-on-the Way".

So this is one probable vote for war on Iran

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And one probable war criminal.