Friday, June 11, 2010


I heard Rev. Lindsey Williams on Alex Jones last night. Williams quoted a source Mr X who said that the potential eco-catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico was not conspiracy.

I do not believe this.

Having read the report compiled by Jones and the Watsons on foreknowledge and oddities I think a number of people knew something was going to occur weeks before. I also think that although Williams may be genuine, Mr X may not be telling the whole truth and is engaging in some damage limitation via Williams.

The Kola SG3 super-deep well was made decades ago, giving plenty of time to evaluate pressures. If Khordokovsky acquired Yukos for some economic espionage to acquire the experimental data from Kola SG-3, and other similar wells, then BP would have had some estimate of the pressures in any superdeep well in the Gulf of Mexico. If BP had some estimate of the potential pressures and then arranged their safety valves and procedures to fail then this would explain how they could fuck up big time, or appear to fuck up big time.

If BP were interested in abiotic oil from superdeep wells why did they not drill on land. Is the Gulf of Mexico the only place on earth where this kind of oil is recoverable? Apparently not. Apparently this kind of oil is recoverable anywhere on the earth's surface if you drill deep enough. So why did BP drill in the Gulf of Mexico, in deep water, off the coast of the USA, where if it went wrong the resulting spill would not be so easily contained?

This, with the foreknowledge shown by selling shares, and strange untraceable components, and the lack of desire to solve the problem indicates to me that the Gulf of Mexico is being deliberately polluted for political aims. What those political aims are is debatable, but an increase in oil price, bans on deep drilling for abiotic oil, environmental lawmaking are definite possibilities.

Plus the anger and media coverage keeps the mega-trillion bank bailouts out of everyone's heads.

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thirdeye said...

the bilderbergs were at it. Get some deep scans of the ocean at the incident and i have been told you may find a volcano thats been drilled.....Think about it. Bilderberg want de-populization of this world.....War wont do it, making people poor wont do it. Contaminating their food and water sure would.....