Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Dear Sirs

Over last weekend a group called Bilderberg met near Barcelona in Sitges, Spain. Bilderberg have been accused of, among other things, vetting our political leaders before election (most notoriously in the cases of Tony Blair and Bill Clinton), planning wars and engineering the prices of oil. My own research indicates they are seriously implicated in the cause of the current financial crisis, the administration of the subsequent bailouts (which banks survived and grew stronger and which banks died and were gobbled up by the survivors), and the current crisis with the Euro, because Goldman Sachs, along with JP Morgan Chase, Deutsche Bank and Banco Santander (all have grown significantly in strength during the crisis while their competitors have gone under), is one of their banks.

Anyway, due to a source within Bilderberg we know that over the weekend Bilderberg reached a consensus to wage war on Iran. For years critics of Bilderberg have long suspected that Bilderberg does control the major global events, but did not have definitive proof of that or proof of how they implement their plans. However, a Bilderberg member, wittingly or unwittingly, has finally divulged the information we Bilderberg critics have long been waiting for. That member of Bilderberg is Willy Claes, former longtime Minister in the Belgian government and former Secretary-General of NATO (ALL SecGens of NATO are Bilderberg). In a recent radio interview Claes admitted that Bilderberg does indeed set the agenda for the next twelve months before Bilderberg next meets, but he also described how the Bilderberg organisers implement their conspiracy. Each attendee at the conference gives a 10 minute speech, and at the end of the conference each member is given a list of action points that they should consider implementing as part of their professional role or in their particular sphere of influence, based on the speeches given by the attendees.

I have to tell you that this is dynamite information.

I have personally believed that war on Iran was always on the cards due to the documents entitled A Clean Break, written in 1996 for Benjamin Netanyahu, and Rebuilding America's Defenses, written by The Project for a New American Century (PNAC). I also believe, after a decade of research, that the current series of wars laid out in those documents are the final stages of a centuries long plan to implement a despotic world government after three world wars with the third due to a global war between Zionism and Islam. Both of the aforementioned documents were written by the same group of Zionists who on 9/11 occupied a number of very senior positions of the Bush Administration; Donald Rumsfeld as Secretary of Defense, Dick Cheney as Vice-President, Paul Wolfowitz as Deputy Secretary of Defense, Richard Perle, John Bolton. The list is long. PNAC wrote in Rebuilding America's Defenses that they wanted "a new Pearl Harbor" in order to persuade the American public that the USA should create a massive military machine to go on the rampage and engage in multiple simultaneous wars across the globe. What happened? 9/11. What happened after that? They ignored bin Laden and instead went after Saddam Hussein, who had nothing to do with 9/11 and did not have WMD, but they have also invaded and occupied Afghanistan (and there is a lot of evidence that the US military let bin Laden and co escape from Tora Bora, and that the US military are now actively engaged in the opium trade, which several British and American aristocracy have been profiting from for centuries; the Taliban had virtually eradicated the trade).

All the above mentioned personnel are members of Bilderberg. Perle was there last weekend.

A Clean Break stated that targets of Israeli aggression should be
1. Iraq
2. Lebanon
3. Syria
4. Iran via Hezbollah

Rebuilding America's Defenses stated that the targets of US aggression should be
1. Iraq
2. Iran
and suggested that Iran was more of a threat to the USA than Iraq.

Since the highly suspicious 9/11, military conflict with these nations has been executed or proposed by the Israeli-US-UK alliance in one form or another.

A state of peace currently exists between the UK, the USA, Israel and Iran, but there have been several provocations, notably the Lebanon War 2006, and the capture of British Marines in disputed waters off Iran in 2007. With this vote by Bilderberg they are about to use their influence in government, media, academia, industry and commerce to push for war with Iran.

My question is; can the members of the Bilderberg Steering Commitee, and indeed those who voted for war on Iran over the weekend and do use their professional role and influence to engineer a war with Iran, be prosecuted for crimes against peace as per the Nuremberg Principle VI?

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