Wednesday, June 02, 2010


I heard William Hague, the MP for Bilderberg South, in the House of Commons today blame Hamas for the slaughter of approximately 20 unarmed toymongers in international waters trying to deliver food and building materials to starving destitute people (for that's what they are, people; not rats or vermin, people) of Gaza, and a few toys and crayons for the kids.

But what exactly is the legal status of Gaza?

A few years ago Israel allegedly withdrew from Gaza, with the goal of autonomy, didn't it?

At the first opportunity of a free and fair election Hamas was elected.

This didn't please freedom-and-democracy-lovin' Israel so Israel created a blockade of Gaza and withheld payment of taxes.

With Gaza already a shithole, after decades of Israeli occupation, and Israel illegally withholding aid and money, how would you react?

Some people inevitably resorted to the only way they saw as achieving public recognition of the injustice of Israel's actions; violence. Rockets were fired from Gaza into Israeli territory.

It got bad. So an agreement was reached between Hamas and Israel in 2008. Hamas would cease the rockets and Israel would cease its blockade.

Israel's very own Ministry of Foreign Affairs showed how the number of rockets fired from Gaza fell to near zero during the summer of 2008, indicating Hamas' intention to honour the agreement.

But did Israel honour its side of the bargain? Absolutley not. Israel instead, on the day after the US presidential election, when nobody was supposed to be looking, killed a few Hamas in a tunnel inside Gaza who were trying to smuggle aid because Israel had not ceased its blockade. In retaliation a few rockets were fired into Israel. This gave Israel the reason the blame Hamas for breaking the agreement, and the war was back on.

In late December 2008, again when nobody was supposed to care because it was New Year, Israel slaughtered 1400 people in Gaza. Man, woman or child. It didn't matter to the brave IDF with their hi-tech smart weapons and fighter aircraft. Blood is blood.

So when Israel makes an offer to take the aid from this flotilla and deliver it personally, can you blame the toymongers if they don't hand it over?

Look. Nobody, except Bilderbergers like yourself, trusts Israel. They've shown their deception too many times.

And I ask again; what legal rights/claims/responsibilities does Israel have over Gaza? How could Israel be forced to deliver that aid?

Gaza is a complete wasteland. Hardly any power. Hardly any water. Hardly any economy.

While just over the other side of the blockade stands one of, if not the, most ruthless of nations and strongest militaries, with the USA as its Big Brother which with its military might, is ready to defend Israel against the world superpower we know as Gaza?

And yet you have the balls to blame Hamas?!

Hamas did not create the refugee camps of Gaza and the West Bank, you Bilderberg idiot!


For decades Israel then occupied Gaza.

Then Israel was supposed to give Gaza autonomy.

Instead Israel slaughters men, women and children in international waters who were taking aid to the children of Gaza, who are starving and destitute due to the blockade by, and highly disproportionate military actions of, Israel.

The Zionazis could have saved thousands and thousands and thousands of Jews before and during WW2. Offers were made for their ransom, and offers of homelands other than Palestine were rejected by the Zionazis.

Why? Only the Zionazis knew THEN.

But we know NOW.

Israel, with its unlimited evil, killing, bullying and invading, is supposed to cause WW3. And your blaming Hamas for the plight of the children of Gaza is the demented rantings of a failed human being.

Israel recently used several stolen/cloned British passports for an assassination in Dubai.

Israel just took 40 British citizens trying to help children off a boat in international waters, took them back to Israel, detained them for several days, and released them without charge.

Now what sort of state behaving like that deserves our support?

If Iran did that we'd have nuked it by now.

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