Thursday, June 03, 2010


If the world was weird, it just got weirder.

Further to the brief look into IHH, I have been led to a large network which drives straight into the heart of NATO.

It was Evan Kohlmann who produced the report for the Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS) in 2006 which focused on IHH and its links to terrorism. Kohlmann even goes so far to state that Turkey investigated both IHH and its President Bulten Yildirim for terrorism. Kohlmann also produced a film called The al-Qaida Plan for The Pentagon to use at a trial at Guantanamo. He also writes for a pro-Pentagon website Nine Eleven Finding Answers Foundation, NEFA.

But DIIS is part of a much larger network linked to NATO.

The Defence and Security Network was established in 1994 based at ETH in Zurich. It later changed its name to the International Relations and Security Network (ISN). It was financed at first by Swiss Department of Defense, the Swiss Foreign Office, Stiftung für Politik und Wissenschaft (SWP) in Germany, the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR) in Geneva and the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies in Germany. You should know by now that Marshall was one of the biggest traitors to the human race by allowing Pearl Harbor, and handing China to the Communists.

The ISN is then handed to NATO by Switzerland, and NATO uses the database formed by the ISN as its primary search engine, and ISN/NATO relations have grown and grown since, as NATO expands into Eastern Europe, and many more 'research' institutes are created in order to 'persuade' those Eastern European nations how to behave and successfully slot into the expanding empire.

This network has gradually grown and grown, so that now it has members such as the RIIA, Centre for European Policy Studies (run by Etienne Davignon), Centre for the Study of Global Governance (run by Soros), Atlantic Council of the United States (which has had as Honorary Directors such luminaries as James Addison Baker III, Frank Charles Carlucci III, Warren Christopher, Harlan B. Cleveland, Gerald R. Ford, Alexander M. Haig, Jr., Robert S. McNamara, George P. Shultz and William H. Webster) and British American Security Information Council (financed by the Rockefellers), has tentacles in Russia via the Carnegie Moscow Centre for Peace, and broadcasts NATO propaganda via Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

This is a substantial network, and the DIIS is part of it.

1. the DIIS, as part of a NATO network for organising and distributing information/propaganda, issues a report in 2006, compiled by a man who made a film for the Pentagon that was used by the prosecution of ObL's driver at Guantanamo, linking IHH to terrorism, citing an investigation by none other than Turkey which concluded that members of IHH were going to fight in Afghanistan, Bosnia and Chechnya, and citing the case of the IHH head Yildirim who it is alleged recruited veteran fighters in the mid-1990's for Jihad. That report was issued shortly after the Prophet Mohammed cartoons published by a Danish newspaper caused great outrage in the Islamic world.
2. Turkey is a member of NATO
3. the USA is NATO
4. Israel has listed IHH as a terrorist organisation, but the USA has not
5. but still NATO member Turkey sends a flotilla of aid to Gaza with members of IHH on board, which is boarded by Israel in international waters who shoot many passengers to death claiming Israeli commandoes were being assaulted!

This looks like a set up to me, with most of the passengers on board and the children of Gaza as unwitting pawns.

Both sides, Turkey and the Zionazis, knew about IHH, but the flotilla went ahead anyway, with more to come.

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